The War of Gog and Magog Is a War with Egoism

288.2Comment: You said that now we are approaching the war of Gog and Magog.

My Response: This war is already underway. In different sources it is called differently, but in principle, it is a war of the sons of light with the sons of darkness.

The war of Gog and Magog is the last battle for the correction of egoism by the upper light. It is very difficult for a person to separate himself from his ego despite the fact that he is disappointed in his condition, is ready to break away from this world, and sees only continuous losses in it: “Why to be born, suffer and die if our life is worth nothing, there is no sense in it?”

We used to live like animals: you were born, and you live. And now we have reached a level where we realize: “Do we really need this? No. Who benefits from this? Nobody.” Worthlessness, aimlessness…

But when we talk about rising to the next degree, we have to act against egoism. And although it—in principle—manifests itself as an absolute evil, we still cannot break away from it.

This is where the so-called war of Gog and Magog arises: when we all need to unite against our egoism and not against each other. Will the method of bringing people closer to a common good Babylon be correctly perceived straightaway, and will the corrections of our nature be made with the help of the upper light to the degree of “love your neighbor as yourself” and us merging with the upper force, with the Creator?

Will this be done in a good way, or will humanity still succumb to its dark, low instincts, fascism, Nazism, and will protectionism prevail for a while? Then we will go through a certain period of suffering, which will eventually convince us that there is no other way out.

But it will lead to a very bitter, terrible experience, which humanity has not yet had when a small fraction of people will remain, and all the rest will be destroyed. This small handful of people, will have gathered all the suffering of humanity into themselves and will be able to correct their egoism and achieve the final, predetermined upper goal.

This is the plan of nature, the plan of our evolutionary development, and there is no getting away from it. Its active part began to be implemented at the end of the last century with all kinds of problems of humanity, with individual crises here and there, which gradually merged into one general crisis, into a state of universal interaction, universal dependence of all countries, nations, and civilizations. This is the beginning of the war of Gog and Magog.

Either this war will be realized on a spiritual level where humanity will struggle with its basic egoistic motives realizing that they were given only to overcome them, or it will close its eyes and follow the path of dark instincts, and then it will experience all this, as it is said, in the flesh, that is, on itself, on its own skin. Then a very difficult time will come. Kabbalists warn about it.

They even write: “I would not like to live at this time” the state of the world will be so terrible. Mothers will devour their children out of hunger, people will hunt each other like barbarians, like cannibals, mutilated by all kinds of radiation effects.

The international system of communication will fall and people will find that they have absolutely nothing to eat, clothe themselves, or provide themselves with electricity, fuel, and so on without it. It will be a collapse that will turn people into savages.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The near future of humanity” 11/3/09

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