Negotiate and Don’t Resist

963.1Comment: Many journalists called founding the WikiLeaks website a new step in the development of humanity. People no longer trust the rulers.

In addition, the most secret materials, such as a one-on-one conversation between the presidents under lock and key, are now becoming public. This also tends to suggests that it is impossible to hide anything nowadays, everything is open.

My Response: Of course. I am very glad that such opportunities are being uncovered on the Internet and in general in humanity.

The main thing is that humanity feels even more connected, even more transparent, even more united, that people get to know each other and those who, so to speak, control them even more. They see who they are and what they are. The fact that the cards are being disclosed is good.

I think this is a giant leap toward becoming more open with each other and are not hiding behind fake diplomacy, which only separates people and leaves them an external, dry diplomatic form that sounds like mockery or blasphemy.

Diplomacy should be heartfelt. It should be conducted in such a way that we can always agree and not confront each other and think about our own benefits.

There is no such thing as my own benefit in the world today! If I harm someone, it means that in the end it will harm me, and even to the greater extent.

Therefore, the disclosure of WikiLeaks and of all classified documents is a big step forward.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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