Revelation Can Only Bring Benefit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you feel about WikiLeaks?

Answer: Everything comes from Above, while we perceive it according to our equivalence of form with the Upper Light. Therefore, if everything in the world changes, it will only be for the better. It’s best for things to change in any direction and faster!

Therefore, this great revelation of human stupidity is only beneficial to everyone. Perhaps the masses will begin to understand that "the hearts of the world’s rulers are in the hands of the Creator." Meaning that they are no less stupid than everyone else and they are not really doing anything. Moreover, they don’t think any further than their stomachs and wallets.

Secondly, it will become revealed that the world is absolutely interconnected in its global, universal crisis, and in the involuntary, egoistic unity of people who hate each other. There’s no way to escape this or to change nature. It’s scary to consume each other because what if instead of you consuming someone else, they will do it to you?

Thus, there will be just one solution left: to look for an answer to how to cope with living together. In addition, in the global world the task isn’t simply to coexist, but to find the formula for total and open interaction as one organism! Otherwise it’s impossible to survive! That is how Nature will bring us to happiness with a rod.

Thirdly, it is impossible to stop this process. The revelation of the Upper World entails the full revelation of every one of us and all of us together to everyone and to every person. Let all of egoism’s base evil be bared and then we will all start to make our way out of this garbage dump.

We will then leave behind all of our pride, narcissism, complaints, and anger, putting the Upper Goal that’s determined from Above at the head of everything. Then we won’t advance toward it forcefully, but consciously.

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