How Was the Universe Formed?

746.01Comment: Recently, the Academic Vernadsky has become increasingly popular. According to his views on the universe, he can even be compared to a biblical prophet.

His works are closely intertwined with the ideas of the most ancient science on earth, the science of Kabbalah, which reveals the structure of the universe, its purpose, the place of man in it, and the meaning of life.

Vernadsky, in his research, came to the conclusion that the number of combinations and interrelations we see in the smallest grain of sand of creation are the same on the global scale.

My Response: The individual and general are equal. This is the so-called principle of “similarity of specific and general.” That is, the atom is like the solar system, the solar system is like the greater cosmos, and so on.

We all come from one small point. We are talking about the upper worlds, which then expand and bring us to our world. Our world, our universe, was also formed from a small dot.

And so it is at each level: a small point descends and with the help of the matter formed in it turns into a large, expanded system. Then, at the next level, the whole system is deployed again from its final, lowest point. And on and on. There are five such descents, five worlds.

This is how our universe appeared from a small point, by the force of the so-called Big Bang. In fact, there was no huge explosion. A small spark of spiritual energy broke through from the highest spiritual level to the material level. And because it is spiritual, this spark was enough to create all of today’s matter, energy, information—everything that fills our world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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