Black Box

592.03In the News (Daily Mail): “Earth is getting its own ‘Black Box’ that will track climate change and other man-made perils – and potentially document civilisation’s downfall.

“Built ‘to outlive us all’, the 32-foot-long indestructible steel monolith, based in Tasmania, Australia, will be filled with hard drives documenting an ‘unbiased account of the events that lead to the demise of the planet’.

“It will capture scientific data on temperature, sea levels, atmospheric CO2 and many more metrics to provide a document of how humanity failed to avoid a climate disaster.

“Researchers see it as akin to a black box in aviation, which records the performance and condition of an aircraft to provide vital information in case of accidents. “

Comment: It feels like we’re on a plane; we are flying, and the black box is recording something, and we already are starting to crash.

My Response: And we want to send a telegram to Earth.

Question: Yes, and we want to send a telegram: look, this is how we are living and you can’t live like this.

How would you decode this?

Answer: It causes an apocalyptic state. That is, I know in advance that we will die, that we will not exist. Not just me, but the whole civilization, everything.

And in this case maybe we will not leave something even for the grandchildren, because they will not be there, but for someone there. Some humanoids will land on our Earth, dig up our black box, look at it and say: “Ay-ay-ay!”

Comment: But it says here that this is our future civilization; in the future someone will still remain after this downfall.

My Response: And what’s next? What will they see? What kind of idiots we were?

Question: Will they draw any conclusions from these mistakes?

Answer: To do this, we need to tell them about the essence of our life, about the forces that control us and why we cannot make a normal society out of ourselves. After all, everything depends only on us. Why can’t we bring ourselves to normal relationships, mutual support, communication, and so on? It is only because of this, it is because of our inability to unite together—although no one is stopping us except ourselves—we cannot create a normal civilization.

Question: Should they understand that this is the only reason we died?

Answer: It is because we couldn’t cope with ourselves. Yes, it’s generally terrible to tell some future generation who we are, what we have come to, to what level we have developed, that we know about our future demise and can’t do anything about it.

And at the same time we are proud of what we have in our hands: what bombs, what sciences, and so on. But in fact we can’t use anything for the real good of people, only to everyone’s detriment.

Question: I don’t even want to say that this civilization will perish. And will the people of the future understand this? Will they understand it themselves or do we have to transmit it to them now?

Answer: It won’t help.

Question: So they have to come to this by themselves?

Answer: Of course. I wouldn’t do that at all. I wouldn’t leave this black box. I would still try to bring people to the fact that they are in a dead end development.

We must use ourselves to the end in order to raise humanity to the next level of correct, kind cooperation.

Question: In your opinion does such a recorder not give anything to the future generation. Will it give us nothing?

Answer: No. Even today we find all sorts of cave writings and the Qumran records from the Dead Sea in which they recorded that we are the last generation here and there will be nothing more, and so on. So what?

Question: Nothing. What conclusion can be drawn? Don’t leave any boxes, do you think?

Answer: Do not leave anything, but do everything now. Humanity must understand that the future is in our hands in any case. We can change it, and it depends on us. Only on us.

Question: If now I will advance to this future, as you say, of good relations and connections, and so on, will I see and feel it all now?

Answer: Yes.

Question: No death and after death?

Answer: Nothing at all! To rise above our animal life and death to the level of immortality.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/9/21

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