The Solution to the Clash of Civilizations

The Solution to the Clash of CivilizationsThe threat of a geo-political catastrophe, brought about by the clash of the Christian and Muslim civilizations, forces each of them to guard itself by preventing the other’s expansion. The rational West and the irrational East consider each other wrong, and are unwilling to understand one another. The East does not accept the ideas of the Western civilization (democracy, equality, and freedom) as coming from man. They understand them as coming from the Creator. Islam believes that the Koran dictates the world’s proper structure, and that only the Muslims are a nation of God. In the Muslim world, politics and religion are united, and hence even a purely political change is perceived as a threat to their religion and way of life. Salvation lies in complementing one another, rather than eliminating each other. But it’s impossible to achieve this, so there’s no solution!

According to Kabbalah, the Creator’s governance is realized in three lines:
1. Abraham – the right line,
2. Isaac – the left line, and
3. Jacob – the middle line.

Klipat Abraham is Ishmael (Islam), and Klipat Isaac is Esau (Christianity). There’s also a Klipa of the middle line, of Israel – those who oppose “faith above reason” or “Lishma.”

The clash of the right and the left lines is inevitable, and they can only be reconciled by the middle line – by Jacob (Katnut, or “the small state”), or Israel (or, “the large state”). Put differently, only the spreading of Kabbalah in the world can bring the world to peace, conciliation and tranquility. Otherwise, what lies ahead is the fall of the Western and the Eastern civilizations. The only remedy for this world is to understand that it’s necessary to attain love for one’s neighbor in order to attain adhesion with the Creator, eternity, and perfection.

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  1. Ishmael as a son is a consequense of Abraham?
    the same with Esau and Isaac?
    the eastern teachings (budism… etc) are under the influence of one of the klipat?
    every time I want to write a question to you I ask to myself
    If I really need the answer or I just want to egoistically get the atention of somebody I respect way too much.

    maybe this time I just wanted to say hi and
    thank you Rav

  2. Zen Budizm, Sufism… Islam, Kabbalah… Reading them, try to understand by mind, by emotions… And… Understand, feel, live,  touch by hearth, with or without words…only one truth…nothing else, but Him!
    Joy, love and proud to BE!
    There will not be any clash! Be Happy, Dan!
    And… Thank you Rav, I am really happy reading every letter that you write.

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