What Can Be Done to Awaken the Desire for Correction?

What Can Be Done to Awaken the Desire for Correction?A question I received: You say that there is nothing any lecture or class you see on a street corner can give someone, other than temporary relief, which is followed by even greater disappointment, and that it is because egoism cannot be corrected by physical exercises, meditation, medications, and even by observing the commandments. On the contrary, egoism grows and gets bigger, which eventually brings a person to Kabbalah, which is precisely the method for egoism’s correction. But until a person finds Kabbalah, there is a long path ahead of him, full of suffering.

My question is: What can be done to awaken the desire for correction in such people? What can be done to make them realize that egoism is evil, and that this evil is corrected through the study of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Only consistent dissemination over a long period of time, in which time all the other methods of “elimination” and “correction” come crashing down.

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