Understand Nature’s Program

294.4Nature is one and all its parts are in complete integration except for man who is purposefully given freewill, so that by using it he will come to integration himself. And to the extent that he is late, he will be propelled by suffering until he himself will want to take independent steps and, ahead of the stick falling on him, begins to strive for integration with nature. We are in this state today.

That’s why we get depressed and not family or this world are satisfying to us. We distract ourselves with drugs, we don’t want to have children, etc. Why? Because nature by deliberately devastating us causes us to feel the necessity to look for a special purpose that would be worthwhile to exist for. This is how nature prepares us for a new state.

We see this in all cases of life. People lose motivation and do not want anything, so a demographic crisis occurs and the world is going downhill in everything. This is purposefully laid down in the program of nature to raise a special motivation in us.

We exist in order to understand the intention of nature, its idea, what kind of provocation is presented to us and how can we come to the most beautiful state. We can become the most successful in love, family, and friendship, and in the implementation of any program, and succeed in everything.

Then we will see the world as big and global and will feel how it works and how to rebuild it and society.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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