Attaining Your Inner Essence

36Question: Modern science makes discoveries related to processes in the human brain. How do you explain, in the context of egoism, that neural connections form a person’s behavioral principles?

Answer: But this is only an external manifestation of what we see. Egoism itself is a spiritual property of a person, inner forces in us. There are even more inner forces behind them, which we cannot define at all or even feel in any way. We feel ourselves only in some external manifestation.

I feel my body, warmth, movement, and so on, and that is how I perceive myself. However, I cannot attain my inner essence yet. This is how we exist. Egoism is our most inner force.

The upper force, which is absolute bestowal and love, has created within itself the property opposite to it, egoism. This is why we exist in this way.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations” 11/1/21

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