The Deception Of Freewill

424.02Question: Most physicists agree that we do not have free choice, freewill. The whole process of development is predetermined, but Kabbalists say that this development has a goal and physicists believe that everything happens by accident.

Why do we have a hundred percent illusion that we are making choices?

Answer: That is how we feel. Man is a feeling element of nature as, in fact, are all other elements. But he has the ability to realize this and control it. Therefore, despite the assurances of physicists, philosophers, or anyone else, a person intrinsically does not agree that someone else is controlling him.

As a result, all kinds of wars for freedom have been waged throughout history. A person wants to feel free, otherwise, he does not feel like a human being. This is the basis of our indomitable view of the world.

Comment: From the standpoint of physics, everything that a person thinks and does was encoded in the process of the Big Bang.

My Response: But this does not mean that you should sit still and do nothing.

Physicists say that everything is predetermined. While Kabbalah says no, on the one hand, everything is predetermined, meaning, there is a complete will of nature for everything, but on the other hand, man is given the ability to have control of his fate.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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