In Agreement With The Creator

746.01Question: Why were the people born in the wilderness not circumcised?

Answer: The desert is a state where the property of Bina is lacking. In this state, it is impossible to soften egoism and correct it to the level of readiness to bestow. Therefore, circumcision is not feasible in the wilderness.

It says: “cut off the edge of your heart”—that is, that part of desire that cannot be corrected.

Circumcision is the extreme part of Malchut (the foreskin), which is cut off as a sign of agreement with the Creator that the fourth part of Malchut, i.e., my egoistic desire, is incorrigible. It is corrected only by cutting it off and throwing it on the sand, on the ground.

Question: How can one understand that this desire cannot be corrected?

Answer: A person cannot understand this. Circumcision is made by his previous stage—father, either spiritual or physical.

Question: Why does man stop falling immediately after circumcision?

Answer: Because the children of Israel enter a state where they can obtain spiritual food for themselves, that is, turn to the Creator. In principle, they can already start feeding on the land.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/20/21

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