Is This My Life? Or Did I Dream It?

423.01Question: If a person did not use the opportunity to reveal the meaning of life and lived it the way everyone lives, what remains as a result of all his efforts, passions, aspirations, and hopes?

Answer: Nothing. The animate body dies and its informational part continues to exist in a new body and develops further. And so it happens again and again. Each generation is born anew, that is, naturally; it is not bodies that are born but information that passes into new parts again and again.

It seems to us that we give birth to children by giving a woman our seed, she gets impregnated, and a new person is born. No. It just seems that way because it is just the animate part.

The fact is that at the same time we transfer to each other a huge amount of information that exists, as it were, around this seed that is fertilized and begins to develop in the mother. This information is all around us. It is our most important essence; it determines generations and their gradual change and growth.

We live in a generation where we begin to seriously ask why we exist because the accumulation of information forces us to learn about the meaning of life. Ultimately, this is a question about the meaning of suffering.

It is expressed in the fact that a person begins to feel the state he is in: this life is like a dream, it is not real, it is some kind of a game. I get up in the morning, run to work, do something—what for, why? Everyone around me does the same thing running back and forth. It is like a kindergarten. Something incomprehensible. I participate in the general game.

I watch TV, they constantly show me the way I should be, what I should purchase, how I should behave, and tell me I should take an example from the rich and famous. There is a game going on all around.

Some pictures are constantly being played out in front of me, and I repeat them all the time. I see this artist, and I am already acting like him. I read something, saw something, heard something, and according to it, like a monkey, I began to behave the same. That is how we live.

I even catch myself  the moment I see myself imitating the image, the example I saw somewhere, this is how I am going to approach, this is how I am going to turn out, this is how I am going to act, like a wound-up mannequin participating in some kind of a common game. And so is everyone else.

When you look at it from above, a picture emerges that is stunning in its primitiveness, amazing in its pre-conceived flat emptiness! And when we understand this, while at the level of this emptiness, then, of course, we come to this feeling that we are in a dream.

It is said in Kabbalah that we are all asleep—the whole world is asleep—we are in an unconscious state relative to spirituality. I do not see that I am being controlled, I do not see my next state, the next moment.

Of course, I can assume something. But in fact, we see that we cannot plan anything in advance to make it come true. It turns out that we need the revelation of the Creator, i.e., the revelation of global nature. And this happens through self-knowledge.

Question: And there are no boundaries in this desire?

Answer: There is a boundary; when you reach the absolute revelation of your own and the external nature, you will come to overall harmony.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10

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