“How Can I Make Miracles Happen In My Life?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How can I make miracles happen in my life?

There is nothing simpler than making a miracle.

If people feel rejection, hatred, and remoteness from each other and they start connecting above such negative sensations, as it is written, “love will cover all transgressions,” then through this battle they each wage upon their egos, they attract a positive influence from nature.

This positive influence is known in the wisdom of Kabbalah as “the light.” They feel that they draw the light precisely from the darkness that they previously felt.

Such connection above mutual rejection and hatred is a miracle. When it happens, we feel a new illumination, perfection, warmth and harmony fill our lives.

Why is it that when we connect above our divisions, a miracle happens?

It is because, by doing so, we resemble the light—nature’s quality of love and bestowal—and our connection brings its influence closer to us.

If we decide that we’ve had enough of wars, conflicts, and hatred, and try to be good to each other, then we’ll immediately feel how the world changes and starts filling up with a special illumination.

We already live completely encased by the light, but we feel it as darkness.


It is because our self-centered egoistic nature is opposite to the bestowing and loving nature of the light.

Therefore, by making efforts to become as loving and giving as the light itself, while being opposite to it, we attract the light’s positive influence, and it performs this miracle of connecting us above our instinctive rejection to each other.

When such a miracle happens, we will start feeling a whole new sense of happiness, confidence, warmth, support, and harmony, i.e., everything positive in life.

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