What Does The Ability To See The Future Depend On?

962.2Question: Why does nature conceal information about the future from us?

Answer: To create in us the illusion of freewill. In Kabbalah, fortune-telling is forbidden, but we do not need it anyway. We only need to follow the rules of getting closer to each other according to the laws of nature.

Question: Then why are some people given the ability to foresee the future?

Answer: It is because they have different souls. We all have different souls. There are souls that are more developed, less developed, more shattered, less shattered, and so on. In different souls, there are different paths to perfection, to ascending to the level of bestowal, love, and connection with others because their basis is different by nature.

Question: Still, there were people who could predict the future. For example: Wolf Messing, Nostradamus. Why did nature give them such ability?

Answer: These people have a special sense. However, there is nothing supernatural in it. What does a fortune-teller mean? It is a person who sees a little more and further than ordinary people. In the same way, an adult is a fortune teller for a child. He can tell the child in advance what will be the result of what is happening now.

Question: How is it possible to predict the future if it depends on people’s actions?

Answer: At our level, everything depends on the person. And at a higher level, nothing depends on him. This is not a contradiction but really the same as in the case of an adult and a child.

Question: I have heard from you that earlier, when there were fewer people who wanted to unite and reveal the upper force, it was possible to predict how humanity would naturally develop. Today, however, when millions of people have such an opportunity, the future can no longer be predicted because these millions are building this future.

Answer: No. The millions who are building this future do not control anything either. They only confirm their commitment to the law of natural development: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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