Money Cannot Buy Love

292We cannot conquer nature. Nature has brought us to a special stage of development, and we must fulfill its demand to get closer to each other, to be more united as one nation, and end all disputes. If we do not do that, it will get even worse than it is now. I warned at the very beginning of the pandemic that it will not end quickly,  three years, five years, it will last for years.

Until we fulfill the law of nature that requires us to truly connect as one person with one heart, we will not be able to be healthy and free. The restrictions that we now feel from nature show us that we are not allowed to come close to one another because of our bad attitude toward each other.

The distance between us cannot be less than two meters, which is a reflection of my attitude to others. I do not want to feel them any closer and this feeling is now being broadcast into the distance between us.

Do you want to live without physical restrictions? Then cancel the internal restrictions. Try to be closer to each other, eliminate all quarrels and disputes among the people of Israel, and you will see that the pandemic will immediately subside. It would seem that there is no connection between our relationship and the virus. But this is how it works.

If we do not do this, we will spend millions of shekels and dollars more on medicines and vaccinations, but the problems will grow bigger and we will not be able to get rid of them. We want to be bailed with money just not to change our hearts. But this will not work. Money cannot buy love. And it is a great closeness and love that is required of us.

Of course, love is not given for free. It must be earned. However, this is an eternal acquisition, the most reliable action that guarantees us health, strength, peace, serenity, and lifts us above life and death. There is nothing stronger than love; it is the upper force.

Yet, we are not ready to trouble our hearts with love and instead try to cover it in hope of finding peace. But there is no way out. We will only prolong our suffering for a few more years until we become smarter. The Creator will not abandon his plans. He will persistently and tirelessly force us to love others as ourselves.

It is not enough just to become a little kinder to each other, it is necessary to really come to universal love so that only love will rule in the world.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 11/29/20

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