Assertion Of One’s “I”

271Question: How can we unite? For an ambitious, naturally strong person, there is nothing more hateful than social equality.

Answer: He can remain as he is. Nobody takes anything from him. Who forbids him to be rich? Who forbids him to realize himself in politics, in art, in science, in anything? Why should he sink to the middle class? He does not have to do that.

We are talking about social equality. But it is not that everyone will be equal. We are not created equal by nature either. We are equal in that everyone should understand their place in the integral system and interact with the rest.

There are those among us who belong to the head, the hands, the body, or the legs of the common body of our society. Each of us is different. This difference will continue to apply in the future. A cook (an unqualified person) will not run the state. She will not be able to do this, and there is no need to force her to do it.

And people who can lead will lead. And they will be proud of it! The fact is that the one who stands at the top and wants to rule receives pleasure or fulfillment from it.

Give him this opportunity, just teach him how to manage correctly. And then beside this, he will receive fulfillment from everyone else.

A person needs inner fulfillment. Even his millions in the bank just give him the feeling that he is full, a feeling, nothing more! Give him this feeling from his work, from creativity.

Politicians love to create because politics is the same art. However, like science, finance, and everything else, people do this so that they feel like creators in this life.

This interests them. And zeros in the bank or graduate degrees simply speak of what they have done in life. This is an assertion of their “I.”
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hope for Peace” 9/9/09

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