The Highest Form Of Competition Is Cooperation

544Question: In one treatise I came across a postulate: “The highest form of competition is cooperation.” Do you think it is viable for implementation?

Answer: This certainly is an amazing Kabbalistic idea because the competition takes place within a person. A person must rise above oneself, above one’s egoism, in order to connect with others into one common whole.

Then we will discover a great common force between us, which gives us completely new opportunities for implementation, for attainment. We will see a different space, different possibilities, because, for example, ten people connecting with each other feel like one common whole.

They psychologically have a completely different sense of their state, space, and interaction. They feel not as individuals, but as one. But all this is based on the opposition to egoism.

It turns out that at the bottom we have ten separate egoistic desires, and above them there is one general positive, altruistic desire. And with the help of this system, we begin to feel a completely different space.

We see nature as global and integral, in all its connections. Through space, we can see everything that connects all the parts of nature.

A person becomes completely different. A person is no longer some small individual egoistic particle, now a person has a different sensor of perception. Now one sees the world as one unified system. Naturally, he or she begins to study it and to find out for himself completely new laws of commutation, laws of governance.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference about the Science of Management”

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