The Opposite Of Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will people measure their success in the future society?

Answer: The value of success will be opposite to what is is today: to what extent, in spite of my ego, do I do everything for the benefit for the society only. I only look at the good for society and don’t expect anything for myself. This is service to others without any reward.

Instead of using others so that they will serve my pocket and pride, I use myself in order to serve them. This is an opposite approach to the ego. It is called bestowal of the Reflected Light. Thanks to this approach, we begin to see reality through a collection of people, and what we discern in this form is called the spiritual world.

Question: What is the Upper world? How is it possible to see it?

Answer: One must invert oneself: to begin thinking about others instead of constantly thinking about oneself. It is an inverted way of perceiving reality, through the society, through the world. And instead of using everyone for my benefit, I use myself for the benefit of everyone.

Question: What can give a person the strength to transform like this?

Answer: It is either from great suffering until the point of “it is better to die than to live,” that can push one to this, but it won’t be possible to die, and from necessity they must transform themselves from egoism to bestowal; or through re-education, the study of the wisdom of connection, that we must provide.

Since we relate to people in the correct way, we are not interested in waiting until they receive blows that force them to connect in spite of the objections that come from their nature, but we offer to use the system of correction now.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/29/14

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