Realizing The Finiteness Of Egoistic Development

115.06Kabbalah says that all the crises we feel are necessary precisely for us to realize the viciousness and finiteness of our egoistic development. In our communication, we lack a second, positive force. You cannot live only on one of these forces. Our world is simply devoid of positive influences. Everything moves only in obtaining the benefit and enjoyment of each individual.

All of this should lead to a reassessment of our paradigm. We need to get very serious about bringing positive forces into the management of our world, including disintegrating families, disintegrating states, all of humanity, and exist between the two forces, just like all of nature.

The existence of all nature is based on two forces: plus, and minus. In our relationships, everyone drags the blanket over themselves. This is the problem of humanity, on one hand.

On the other hand, this is our development so that we consciously come to the need to supplement our nature with a positive force and to the correct interaction of both forces.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills”

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