Learning Integral Relationships

528.04The most important thing in our work in regards to society is simply to educate people. Those people who will be able to reveal integral qualities within themselves, that is, to connect in the ten with the others in order to exit the individual egoistic perception of the world into integral interaction, when they rise above their egoism and begin to feel not themselves, but their collective as themselves, and through it perceive the entire universe as integral—these people will continue to engage in education and management. We need to prepare them for this.

However, in principle, all of humanity is necessary for this. Every person today has a question about the meaning of existence, about the way we can restructure our lives. Nature itself says that we must change ourselves in accordance with it.

We have completed the egoistic path of development. In recent decades, it has been in crisis, and is beginning to devour itself. Like in the saying: the revolution devours its children. It is the same here. Humanity must begin to feel this.

I think that if we really created small experimental groups that would solve managerial tasks and give their recommendations based on the integrality of nature, meaning from the correct relationship of a person with nature, then we could not make mistakes in our decisions and would turn a society with such managers into the society of the future.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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