The Failure Of Modern Science

263Question: More than ten years ago I came to the conclusion that economics should be integrated with psychology and work with economic psychology. After all, there is a gap between them that really hinders consumer society. What do you think about this?

Answer: It is hard to say how to work with psychology nowadays because people are changing very rapidly and, in general, psychology is a reflection of what we understand, think, and feel. Economics is also tied to our egoistic desires: do we interpret them correctly and how do we connect all the parameters.

I think that the idea by itself is correct and the direction, naturally, correct. But I do not think that today economics and psychology can be tied because neither of them is a science, but are what a person imagines as it seems to him. It is impossible to build a third something on this to connect them together because these areas of knowledge are in a rather unstable state today.

I nonetheless come to the conclusion that without changing human nature, there is no escape, nothing can be done. All our sciences and management systems will gradually reveal their failure. Once in the time of Newton, this was all good and right. But we have passed this phase already.

Today, humanity is entering a completely different world, and we will have to feel it as a whole. Only in such a way, we will be able to manage it.
From KabTV’s: “The Science of Management”

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