The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Psychology

Laitman_083Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah explores egoism, yet psychology also explores the reaction of our egoism to various external stimuli and can record this with the help of formulas. What is the difference between them?

Answer: Psychology cannot record anything with the help of formulas because a person has nothing that will upgrade his egoism; he cannot manage it.

It is possible to manage egoism only if a person directs a particular “Light” (the desire to bestow) toward himself like a laser, a beam that directs it toward an object, and under a particular frequency and wavelength of the Light changes occur in the object. If the person doesn’t control the management of his egoistic desire, then all of the reports and results are absolutely spontaneous. It is impossible to predict conclusions in advance.

Therefore psychology is not a science. It gives correct results, yet is not possible for them to lead to a general method and common denominator because a person has no precise and clear influence over his egoism. It is impossible to say: “If I add 10 grams of effort, something like this and that will happen, I add another 10 grams of effort and something else happens.” There is no such thing. So it is impossible to determine differences between people.

In psychology, statistical data work according to averages, but they are imprecise because a person doesn’t have the Upper Light in his hands, an instrument that will influence his desires and characteristics.

But the wisdom of Kabbalah does. By changes in a person’s attitude and the efforts that he makes toward others, he attracts quanta (portions) of the Upper Light that carry out gradual changes in his desires. With each quantum of Light, desire changes and the person feels how he changes in one direction or another. He upgrades and re-calibrates himself on his own.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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