Correct Interaction

289Question: Does the correct interaction between people assume that I receive something from society and give something to it?

Answer: Naturally, like in a living organism.

Question: What is the rule for such interaction? How do I know how much I should receive and how much I should give?

Answer: This is not regulated. As far as I am able to give, I give, and as far as I need to receive in order to be able to give fully, I receive.

Question: There are seven billion people on the planet, does everyone determine how much they need?

Answer: These seven billion have only been around for the last hundred years. Before that, there were two billion of us. So, the quantity does not matter here.

We have evolved over thousands of years. Today we gradually realize that we are developing incorrectly, and we need to come to some other interaction, to internal homeostasis between us, to maintain a balance in communication. Nature itself, all our qualities, all our states, teach us this. So, it will take another couple of hundred years, and humanity will still come to this.

Question: Do I understand correctly that there are forces in nature that we ourselves can call upon, and they themselves will produce this balance?

Answer: Sure. Not ourselves. We are under the forces of nature.

Question: So, will these forces balance how much I need to receive from society and how much to give?

Answer: Yes. Little by little, we will grow wiser. We will call from nature the emergence of those forces that will act on us and change us. We will enter into such a state of connection between us, into such a correlation that we will receive from each other as much as necessary and give as much as necessary to maintain our society in absolute, ideal balance.

Question: But do you understand that this is a theory that needs to be tested?

Answer: This is not a theory. One day our times will become history, and then this theory will become reality.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”, 5/13/19

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