Where To Get The Energy To Bestow?

610.2Question: In the article “The Peace,” Baal HaSulam writes that “His Providence has commanded us to observe with all our might the Mitzva of bestowal upon others in utter precision, in such a way that no member from among us would work any less than the measure required to secure the happiness of society and its success. As long as we are idle performing it to the fullest, nature will not stop punishing us and take its revenge.”

Where can a person find the energy to fulfill the law of bestowal?

Answer: Only in society.

Question: It turns out that there is an upper plan that controls how much I give and how much I receive, not just physically but in communication with other people. In what way can I add?

Answer: In your attitude to others. A person has what is necessary and sufficient. Nature has provided us with everything much more than animals that spend hours each day searching for food. We only need the right interaction between us and others to achieve the highest goal.

Question: So, does giving to society mean running around and doing something for it?

Answer: No. Man is the most unfortunate element of nature. He must always take care of how to provide for himself. None of the animals work so much for their den, food, or for the sake of offspring. Everything is much simpler for them. Man is a creature enslaved by nature.

Look at how we live. A person is growing up to the age of 20. He is always obligated, obligated, and obligated. He does not do anything for himself. It just seems to him that he does.

Even when he gets some skills and thinks that he develops by visiting museums, theaters, discos, and whatever else there is, it is imposed on him by society. These are not his personal inner desires, but what he has received from others and is obliged to fulfill.

Question: What will people do in the integrated society that you write so much about?

Answer: In this future society, a person, through his correct integral connection with others, will experience the next level of nature and will rise up to it all the time.

For him, every day every minute will be the realization of the upper harmony, the highest perfection. In principle, this is what is meant to fill us. This is how we were created, but we just don’t feel it yet.

A person will explore what he lacks for complete happiness and he will receive it.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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