How To Change Your Assessment Of Life?

631.1Question: How can you completely reverse your perception of reality, your assessment of a situation and life?

Answer: You cannot think about how to reverse yourself. How do you know that this is possible? You need to navigate where you want to go and what you need it for.

You can reverse yourself under the influence of a relevant society but only if there are certain prerequisites for it, serious intentions. There must be some special estimates here.

It cannot be that a person says: “I am tired of being who I am. I want to be different.” He must carefully check everything, plan, create his own way to implement it. Nothing is going to just happen.

Question: Does society need to stop and start asking itself the right questions?

Answer: And why would it do this? Here we face the question: “What comes first?” What causes the question that arises in society? What affected society? What brought imbalance in it? And so on.

And then we can talk about what is needed to bring oneself back to a state of peace or balanced movement.

Life itself asks the necessary questions.
From KabTV’s “Ask the Kabbalist” 1/12/21

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