Why Do We Try To Change Everything Around Us But Not Ourselves?

laitman_961.1Question: We are always trying to change everything around us, for example, the leader of the governing party, our spouse, place of residence, everything except for one thing—ourselves. Why doesn’t a person realize that the only thing they can change is their attitude to the world?

Answer: Our egoism does not allow us to realize it.

To change myself means that I am not good, I must improve myself. Why should I do this? This is the hardest work that requires a lot of effort, energy, investment, and annulling myself before others. It is against our nature to yield to others. It is not easy.

Only if a person has a very big goal in front of them can they force themselves to do it. For example, if we want to achieve some goal while studying at the university, then it is more important for us than just lying on the couch.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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