To A New Level Of Interaction

929The wisdom of Kabbalah says that we must create such a society, such a connection between us that would be similar to the spiritual connection between souls. Then we will discover that we exist in a completely different dimension.

We will turn our attention to creating a more truthful connection between us. We are not talking about physical connection; rather, we will think how we can connect our inner desires, aspirations, and yearnings with other people, regardless of distances, language barriers, and any misunderstanding between us.

We must act in such a way that the contact between all people in the world will become absolutely open so that they would not feel any semantic, linguistic, or psychological barriers and could overcome any obstacles in communication with each other.

If we strive to create such a system of interconnection, we will really reach the next level of interaction, and this will make our relations completely different.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 6/9/21

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