China Is Taking Over The World

405In the News (Daily Mail): Seventeen schools are already owned by Chinese companies, but that number is set to rocket. …

“Nine of the 17 schools under Chinese control are owned by firms whose founders or bosses are among China’s most senior Communist Party members; …

“Schools are using educational tools for teaching children a ‘whitewashed’ view of China;

“One firm admitted its acquisition of British schools is aimed supporting China’s controversial Belt And Road strategy, which aims to expand Beijing’s global influence. …

“Last night, Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said: ‘China’s strategic understanding and reach means that they have an advantage in seeking to influence others and using established brands, including some of our own, to achieve that position. …

“The revelations will add to concern about the growth of Confucius Institutes at 29 British universities, and Confucius Classrooms, an offshoot, at almost 150 schools… .

“They claim to promote the Chinese language and culture, but critics say they are a vehicle for Beijing to spread propaganda and curtail free speech.”

My Response: The thing is that we do not know what is really happening. The fact that they tell us a little bit that they bought some schools is all child’s play. The Chinese are pragmatists. Absolutely clear ones.

Question: What is China for humanity?

Answer: This government policy is based on conquering the world without destroying it.

Comment: Without wars.

My Response: Yes, this is the new strategy. Therefore, they will enter into this gradually, step by step.

Comment: They enter into contracts with Iran, contracts with Iran’s enemies, contracts with us, with Israel, in some incomprehensible way.

My Response: They do not care with whom and how. They need hegemony. The hegemony of China. Although, in general, there is no ideology. This is not socialism, not communism, not capitalism. They only want power. Pure power.

Question: Do you think that power is an ideology?

Answer: Yes, the usual egoism. They had it locked up for years and years, and now it has started to break through. Thus, they implement it.

Question: Do you think they will implement it? Is humanity powerless before them?

Answer: No. The fact is that at the same time it all seems to be leveled. If I go somewhere and use something and pay someone for something, then I do not care who the owner is. The main thing is that I receive the service and I can pay for it. This is why I do not see anything Chinese or European in this.

This is the paradox. That is, they bought a factory, and the factory continues to work, but it now belongs to China. But I do not feel this and I do not know this and it does not matter to me.

I do not pay attention to what belongs to whom at all. A completely different card is played here—one from above.

Question: Can you tell what card is being played?

Answer: Eventually, we must understand that it does not matter who owns what. Everything is toward the Creator. It is important for us to know that if we want to use something correctly, we can only do that through mutual dependence, mutual connection between us.

What difference does it make to me to whom this belongs according to the banks or something else! It does not matter. This world in which we paid attention that this is German, this is Soviet, I want to live with this, I do not want to live with this, is over.

Comment: But we wanted quality service.

My Response: There will be quality.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/8/21

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