How To Develop The Importance Of The Creator?

292Question: To feel the importance of the giver, there must be at least a gram of direct light? The Creator gives me something, but should I exalt Him even more?

Answer: Of course. I base it on my desire to enjoy. Receiving minimal illumination, I feel, for example, a gram of desire and a gram of pleasure. And besides this, I build everything thanks to the importance, the elevation of the greatness of the giver.

Question: What is this gram of light that enters into us?

Answer: What we usually get in our world. That is why we are created this way.

Comment: It turns out that in our world a cup of coffee or the pleasure from some kind of travel, from rendering honors, from the received medal, from friendship, love—this is all a gram of the same light and I must determine the source, who gave it to me, who caused this state in me…

My Response: And turn your attention to the source.

Question: How can one develop this importance?

Answer: Think about it, try to get close to its source. We have a method of determining, searching for this source in a group, in what is called the ten. When I intently search for it, peer into it, and try to define it, I begin to feel the manifestation in me of some new properties that have an adequate relation to this higher hidden source.

There are many such examples in our world. We see the world from our desire.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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