Will I Be Able To Bestow?

293.1Question: In our world, descents are mainly felt when a person is afraid that he will remain without fulfillment. What fears appear in spirituality in relation to this quality?

Answer: Fear: Will I be able to bestow? Will I be able to love? Will I be able to be above my egoism all the time? Will I be able to exit Egypt, the control of the Pharaoh (egoism)?

Question: It is very difficult to imagine that I am sitting and thinking: “Will I be able to bestow to the Creator or not?” That is, do I experience the same fear as for my animalistic body? Is it similar?

Answer: More or less. But in principle, by analogy, we can say this.

One just has to enter this, try to make this a part of his life, and then everything will work out. A person will begin to understand that in addition to our world, in addition to our descents, ascents, and sensations of corporeal existence, there is also another existence, another world, and the same thing happens in it, only in other categories.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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