Five Ways To Get Through Tough Times

632.3Question: There are five ways to survive difficult times when you feel so bad that you do not know what to do.

The first way is to train yourself to be happy. They say it is a habit to be happy. What do you think?

Answer: I think this is absolutely correct.

Question: Can you train yourself to be happy despite the fact that you receive blows from all directions?

Answer: So what? There are some circumstances, some forces that give you blows. Sing. Just sing! This is the most important thing for a person. Because he does not really know what is good and what is bad, how to treat life correctly, how to change his life, and whether what comes is for his benefit or for harm.

Therefore, he must accept all this as good and treat everything that happens as a necessary good. Then how can he relate to it? Sing!

As in the song: “Wake up and sing! Wake up and sing! Try it for once in your life…”

Comment: The second way is to understand that the bad is just as valuable as the good?

My Response: Absolutely! Nothing is either good or bad, but only relative to the person. If a person slightly changes his inner calibration, he will see the good instead of all the bad. And perhaps, the other way around.

Comment: That is, they say that there is value in the bad. It turns out that the bad is my achievement.

My Response: Of course. There cannot be any good without bad, or bad without good. We must teach ourselves to treat everything correctly. It is because beyond our comprehension and classification of bad and good, we must accept that the entire world is just absolute good!

Question: What do I achieve when something bad comes and I feel it like a bad thing?

Answer: Through that you achieve an objective view of the world. You rise above your egoistic evaluation, and therefore you think that everything is good and there is nothing in the world but only the force of good, the absolute good!

To look at the world in this way is truly a happiness and a great opportunity.

Question: Is this possible?

Answer: This is possible!

Comment: The third: it is better to give up than to bang your head against the wall.

There are some circumstances that you cannot do anything about. Nothing! But you fight all the time, you still fight and try to prove your point, to turn something around. These are ways to get through difficult times, that is, I want to get through this difficult time.

My Response: Best of all is, as Rabbi Akiva said, to lower your head under each approaching wave, and thus you will be washed ashore.

I do not call this “to give up.” I call this “to be reasonable about what is happening.”

Comment: Fourth: shift your focus from yourself to others.

My response: It is not a bad thing to pay attention to others and see that their condition, in general, is no better than mine. Why do I pay attention only to myself? Why do I criticize the attitude of nature or society toward me? What happens to the others?

If I look at society, I already perceive myself in a completely different way. That is, the suffering of society reduces my own suffering. Pay attention to what is happening to society, and then you will be able to evaluate your condition more objectively.

Question: Can I, when I feel bad and am in a difficult situation, come to have compassion for the other?

Answer: You are more capable of it. Because then you begin to understand what others have and to sympathize and come closer to them.

Question: Is this called that I exit myself a little?

Answer: Yes. But this is not to escape from your own suffering. This is in order to adjust yourself more objectively to what is happening in the world.

Question: Is the attitude to others objective?

Answer: Of course. You can already look at them in a different way.

Comment: Fifth: to love, not to fear. That is what they say. In the end, all emotions are reduced to two main ones: love and fear. Moreover, love and fear cannot exist in the soul at the same time. If you choose to love, you expel fear out of your soul.

My response: Absolutely. Love supersedes everything. Therefore, it is important to try to replace all our other feelings with it.

Question: That is, I can really be afraid, be in fear, and I can exit it into the state of love, right?

Answer: Yes. And you will not experience any negative feelings at all.

Comment: It looks like this is the main advice, actually.

My response: Yes.

Question: Is this also possible? Is it within the power of a person?

Answer: Absolutely! So we figured out how to live correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/12/21

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