Behind The Mask Of Concealment

284.05Question: Where did the custom of dressing up in carnival costumes for Purim come from?

Answer: In this world we do not see the truth because everything here is deliberately camouflaged. We do not know where the truth is, where the lie is, or what is happening to us at all. The whole world is a theater. Man always puts on some kind of a mask.

Purim is distinct because when we put on masks, we pretend to be someone else because all of creation is concealed under a mask. We do not see the Creator or each other, we do not understand what is what. And then, everything is revealed.

From concealment we come to revelation.

Question: Is this like a mask on the will to receive? Otherwise, if we were to contact each other purely egoistically, it would be difficult, right?

Answer: That would be impossible. It is precisely because we play in masks and the entire world is wearing masks (that is why the world is called Olam, from the word “Alama,” concealment) that we are getting closer to the revelation, to Purim.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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