Descents As Means Of Advancement

Laitman_125Question: Do you say that we need to try to feel the descents together?

Answer: There are descents and ascents that we feel together and there are individual ones.

Question: What does it mean to feel a state of descent as a whole group?

Answer: It depends on who interprets the descent.

I interpret it as disconnection from the Creator, from the group, that is, from moving forward. For example, I can feel a certain heaviness, but I still cannot determine that it was given to me for my advancement; I am just immersed in it.

When I begin to perceive this heaviness as an instrument of moving forward, then it becomes my instrument of advancement. Now I work with it with joy, realizing that thanks to it I will advance.

When we have a common goal, common actions, and common life, then in some things we have common ascents and descents, and in some things individual ones. We must use the fact that we can work together and thus achieve common results.

Here I more or less understand the state of my friends and I must help them, take part in it. For example, it is very important for us to be inspired before a congress, talk about the importance of the goal, the importance of our gatherings, the importance of the congress, the importance of the lessons. We must collect all this among ourselves and inspire each other.

Thus, a common field will arise: the Creator will not manifest itself in any personal sensation, but in the general field. This is very important because His manifestation can only happen when we are already connected in the ten, in some form of a common Kli (vessel).
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/13/19

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