When There Are No More Descents

Laitman_041_01Question: A complete Partzuf, the general soul, is a collection of souls who have nullified themselves in relation to each other. This is very complicated work requiring long periods of time.

Suppose that a miracle happened and we succeeded in becoming one Partzuf, after long work on ourselves, after applying some effort.

My question is whether we should always remain in these efforts or will everything go differently and not be so difficult somehow? We have already accepted the decision, we have gone through the first Tzimtzum, and we are the only force that is directed only towards the Creator. We have gotten used to thinking this way, and have created conditions for life.

From these laws we have already found ourselves in the spiritual world, but if suddenly one person or a group of people throws all of this into doubt, will the entire Partzuf collapse?

Answer: No, there are no more descents, because it is not for nothing, only ascents exist. But if you “give,” then you do not care about anything.

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