In Neutral Gear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What changes after crossing the Machsom (barrier)? If I didn’t have an income, does it suddenly appear after the Machsom?

Answer: It doesn’t appear. Nothing changes after the Machsom except for the authority that rules over you. You agree with all that is happening, and this means that you rise to the vessels of bestowal. And so your world becomes the spiritual world.

Question: So why does Baal HaSulam write that after the Machsom the whole world seems good, the sick become healthy, and the poor become rich?

Answer: Baal HaSulam writes about this in the article “The Creator’s Concealment and Revelation.” It’s because I change my properties and that is how I see things. Nothing is changed except for my perception.

I take off my glasses, look around, and see that everything is terribly vague and blurry. After that, I put the glasses on and see a nice, wonderful world. I correct only myself, and through my corrected vision, intellect, and sensation I suddenly see that I am in Malchut of Infinity.

This material world doesn’t exist. Everything is absolutely perfect. And it wasn’t like this before? Certainly it was, only I didn’t see it. The whole world is within me.

But this world with its stores and the need to get bread by the sweat of our brows will remain until the last stage of the end of correction. This is because it’s impossible to correct even the highest level if this world doesn’t exist. For this, there must be a whole Partzuf, from end to end.

Afterwards, this world will disappear since in the entire system, the whole integral correction will be finished and matter will no longer remain in the sensation of this physical level. Even before this, we already begin to lose its Aviut (thickness).

We need this world so that by existing outside of spirituality, outside of the truth, we can enter the true world through our free choice and climb the spiritual ladder. But this world is imaginary, it exists like in a dream only for us to switch, like from neutral gear to the spiritual gear.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/14,Writings of Rabash

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