The Greatness Of The Creator In The Ten

528.02To reach connection with the Creator and feel His greatness is possible only within the connection of people with each other. However, we do not have a natural desire for such a close connection; it is not given from birth. We see that the more the world advances, the more hostile and alien it becomes and everyone becomes more and more isolated and distant from others.

How can such a development bring us closer to the Creator? It is as if the whole progress of humanity leads in the opposite direction from our purpose. When you start talking to people about connection, unity, and love, it rouses laughter. Even if they agree that it would make life better, it seems like an unrealistic, impossible goal.

Therefore, we must work hard on the connection in the ten, really battle both for the importance of the goal and for the tool to achieve it. After all, we do not feel value in either of them.

How can it be that such an important goal and the means of achieving it, which would elevate us to the degree of eternity and perfection, are completely hidden from our feelings, understanding, and field of vision.

Both the spiritual Kli and the light are hidden. So, the Creator brings a person to the group, to the ten, and says: “Choose this for yourself!” There is no other choice but to choose it because there is darkness all around, and only here do you find the end of the thread, which if you grasp, you can discover the meaning of life, its essence, the reason for existence.

All our work is to appreciate the actions that the Creator performs with us, how He arranged the group for us, the means to reach Him. The method is given to us from above through the Kabbalists, and we must follow it with faith above reason, that is, perform actions against our own desire and logic and draw closer to each other in order to reveal the force of connection between us.

This force is hidden just like the point from which our universe once emerged. As a result of the Big Bang, this point began to expand and spread in all directions. We now as if want to hold on to this point of connection that once existed and come to an understanding of what is happening in this system.

When we feel and understand where we are and understand the importance of the Kli and the Light that fills it, the Creator, we will see an opposite world. This is not at all what we expected to see, but the opposite opposite, concealment within concealment.

We can achieve this goal only if day after day we yearn for connection above reason and logic. The further we go, the more irrational it will seem. We will be revealing ever stronger division to a greater depth of the Kli, alienation and hatred. Every day we will have to start working on connection at a new level in a new higher quality.

We must be aware of this. We have a great goal before us: to discover the source of creation from where the Big Bang occurred and the universe began to spread in all directions. When we reconnect all the parts of creation that have distanced from each other, gradually adding everything to one starting point, we reveal our source.

The main thing for all of us is to connect together around the single goal: to reveal the Creator. For this, we need to feel His greatness. But no one can do it alone because each is only one spark, a broken fragment. Therefore, we come together through strength and learn how to assemble the creation from opposite forces, above hatred, covering it with love. The Creator created one opposite the other.

At any awakening, we must immediately grasp both forces, the left and the right, and create our goal between them, covering all crimes with love. If I do not value the ten and the goal, then I reduce everything to the level of this world, to the bodily senses, that is, to the animate degree.

The human degree begins when I hold both ends of the rope in front of me. The negative attitude toward the Creator, toward the greatness of bestowal, toward the friends, the lack of importance is the left line, which corresponds to my nature.

However, I develop the right line against it in order to feel the greatness of the Creator and the friends. The greatness of the friends is a means to reveal the greatness of the Creator as a goal, and this is how I ascend from this world to the upper world. Otherwise, I will remain on the animate degree and finish my life in this way.

Life is given to us as a special means to discover all the qualities of creation, its meaning, and its power. We do not want connection, but it is within it that the goal is revealed. We need to roll back the entire universe to the point from which it exploded and began to expand in all directions after the Big Bang.

That is how we need to assemble ourselves first in tens all over the world. There will be no place on the map where we will not have friends who, due to the awakened desire in them, start to move toward connection. Gradually, all the tens will gather into one ten, and this will mean that we have come back to the point from which the Creator began the shattering.

The Creator caused the shattering, executed it, and now reveals it to us. For the last thousands of years, the Creator has been revealing the shattering to special people, to Kabbalists. But today, the Creator wants to reveal this to everyone so that all the people will start moving toward the central point from which the shattering began.

At that point, we will reveal the greatest deficiency, the greatest rejection, the force of the shattering, and the force of the greatest explosion. At the same time, we will put all our efforts so the Creator will help us build this vessel again and bring into it the whole of creation that resulted from the Big Bang, and assemble it into one vessel of ten Sefirot. By this action, we discover the greatness of the Creator in the original ten, to which we want to reach.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention 2021

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