An Island Of Waste

708Comment: A sixth continent the size of the United States has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean, an island of waste made mainly of plastic.

This is a great problem because it takes a thousand years for plastic to disintegrate.

My Response: I don’t think that we will live for another thousand years on this planet. We are bringing it to its end very quickly and denying it the right to exist. The earth will become a lifeless planet. There is nowhere we can escape to. None of the planets have the conditions that we need in order to live. So there is no point dreaming about Mars or other planets. What for? After all, we will pollute everything there too.

Unless humanity corrects itself, there is no need to move. We just need to think about the correction of our nature and turn it from an egoistic nature to an altruistic nature so that people will think about each other, so that they will understand that only good connections between them will open up the future for humanity. Otherwise, each day we are burying ourselves alive in this garbage dump. Our poor kids!

Question: Suppose we begin to connect and ascend above our egoism, what will happen with all the waste? After all, it will not disappear.

Answer: It will disappear. Generally speaking, the whole corporeal world is totally dependent on our internal attributes, and it will disappear.

Question: Will it be because I will not see it?

Answer: No. We will simply be positively connected to each other to such an extent that there will be no room left for the evil force, and the waste will gradually decrease.

Where will it go? Just like in nature. Where did our egoistic world emerge from? The universe appeared and it suddenly began to expand, etc., which means that everything exists according to a concealed internal plan.

There is so much that we don’t see and don’t feel, and there are other connections in nature. The great forces of nature are secret, they are concealed. Let’s begin to activate them.

The main concealed force in nature is the human mind, its power, our mind power, the power of our desire. If we begin to activate it, we will begin to activate totally new attributes between the different parts of nature on a new level.

There will be no plastic. Everything will become transparent, natural, and pure and you will have to get used to such purity. You will not be able to breathe the pure clean air. You will not be poisoned by the pure spring water that you will drink.

If we aim our thoughts together toward each other and toward attaining the attribute of bestowal, love, mutuality, and connection, evil will disappear from the world on every level because unfortunately we are on the highest level, and fortunately that’s the way it will be if we begin to truly engage in ourselves.

Question: But will we have enough time to do that?

Answer: We will surely have enough time, but we will have to undergo some sufferings. The question is how many people will attain this state.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/19/19

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