A Torn Picture

264.01Why is there a condition to cover all transgressions with love? It is because the vessel of the common soul created by the Creator was shattered and the egoistic desire entered between all its pieces. Each piece is wrapped in egoism that does not allow us to feel the connection between each other.

Therefore, our progress is determined by how much we recognize our natural rejection, inability, and unwillingness to feel the others. To the same extent that we are distanced from each other, we are distanced from the Creator because my attitude toward the Creator cannot be better than the attitude toward the ten.

Therefore, all work relating to the Creator is done only in the ten, and the connection with the Creator is the connection between the ten friends. This is the only way to evaluate our true state. To the extent that I am devoted to my friends, I am devoted to the Creator, that is, I am ready to nullify myself and exist within my friends and within the Creator.

The main thing is to show each other in every possible way how we yearn to get closer to each other in the ten so that our devotion is visible to everyone. By playing and showing the right example to each other, we will eventually truly achieve devotion. We live in a world of lies, and therefore, the game is a serious matter that leads us to the truth.

We play being in a good relationship and attract the surrounding light with our actions. Our love is not real, but the light is also not real, it is surrounding light. It shines upon us from afar, and everything seems to be not real but only a game. However, through this game, we awaken the Creator to play with us.

In fact, we are egoists, but we play-out devotion, love, and bestowal. And since everything from our side is kind of pretending, the Creator can be cunning with us, hiding His true state and influencing us with the surrounding light. This is how we can reach some similarity to each other.

It may be not a real connection yet neither on our nor His side, but it helps us get closer and reduce the distance between us. In this way, we receive more and more influence from the Creator and gradually change our force of reception to bestowal. Instead of feeling the Creator as a general force of nature, we begin to feel the influence of His force of life and strengthen the connection with Him: “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me.”

It is like I’ve received a photo that someone has torn into many pieces and I want to put them back together to see who is in it. In order to complete this puzzle, I need to correctly imagine what I want to see from the very beginning. I do not know what this force really looks like, but I know that it brings good, fulfillment, puts everything in order, and stands behind everything.

I see this force behind everything that happens in the world, behind each of my friends. It is necessary to connect together all the types of shattering that exist in our world, put them together in one picture to see the manifestation of a single force behind everything. By connecting with our friends above all our shattered states and covering all transgressions with love, we create an image of the Creator within our connection.

The soul devotion is the devotion to this work, to the friends, to helping everyone, and feeling like a representative of the Creator ready to contribute all my strength, desires, and abilities to reinstate the true picture, to collect all the pieces into one whole. This is the mission of the last generation living in our time, obliged to reveal the one unique and unified force standing behind this picture, behind all actions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/17/21, “Love Covers All Trangressions”

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