A Lifeline In The Flow Of Life

934We need to build in our ten such protection, like a safety net, a lifeline, or a safety belt, that would support everyone. Then a person will feel that he always has something to hold on to so that foreign desires will not lead him away from the path.

There should be a feeling in the group that we are going together toward the same goal, according to a reliable method, trying to get closer to each other and to the Creator.

The main thing is not to forget that any situation comes directly from the upper force. It is simply necessary to remember this so that we will not make mistakes in any state. If I remember that I receive everything from the Creator, then I am guided toward the correct side from which I will obtain all the qualities to turn this state into a good state and advance through it.

Therefore, you must always be in the feeling that “There is none else besides Him.” This is how I correctly aim myself in the flow of life, which comes as a wave and washes over the entire world.

Look at the bewilderment and confusion in the world today. No one knows what will happen with the pandemic and what will happen to the world in general. If we understand that we are under the influence of the upper force that controls the entire system and can change everything in one swoop, then we only need to establish a connection with this force and learn from Him why He did all this and what the reason is. This will help all of us reach the purpose of creation together.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/10/21, “Chapter Shemot

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