2021—The Year Of Transition To A New Life

229Since humanity does not understand what has happened to it as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, it wants to return to its old familiar life. People dream that everything will be the same; factories, restaurants, entertainment venues, and the businesses that were closed in 2020, will all open as if the clock was turned back.

The media paints the future as a complete copy of the past and only discusses how much time and money it will take to restore the old way of life. But we must not think this way! After all, we will squander all the resources that are left without any benefit and will be left empty-handed, without strength or hope for the future.

It is impossible to go back to the past. We are obliged to move forward toward greater connection between people, toward greater rapprochement, toward friendly relations, and in this way we will be able to come to a new world. If we want to restore our previous way of life, then we will call blows from nature upon ourselves, which will have to teach us, at the cost of great suffering, that there is no turning back.

When I see the pressure emanating from nature, which strives to organize humanity at a new level, with renewed vigor, I am glad that—instead of a world war with many millions killed and dying of hunger—it is acting with such gentle and careful methods, with love. This is how a parent raising a child understands that he has to put pressure on the child to restrict him so that he does not act outrageously and does not harm himself. But all this pressure is out of love.

This is the same parental attitude that I have felt coming toward us from nature and have realized that this will last for several years because nature is pressing on us in a very gentle way. Nature could have twisted us in a hard way, but it has given humanity time to figure out where we are. I hope we will accept this hint correctly.

I think that in 2021, we will all feel and understand this purposeful appeal of nature that is meant to organize us and turn us in the right direction. All the states have come for our benefit so that we will go deeper into them, and reveal and feel the special care from above that is moving us forward to a new level, a new stage of human existence.

Nature is helping us get closer to each other and see that there is only a good perspective in front of us. I think that next year will reveal this to us; we just need to open our eyes and our minds and try to understand what nature, that is, the Creator, is doing to us.

To what extent 2021 will be successful depends on whether or not we will understand what the upper force wants to give us and do to us. In its evolution, nature is constantly moving us forward into better conditions so that, instead of fighting, we unite and help each other. Our planet can feed everyone and give all the benefits.

There is enough space for everyone and we have enough strength to provide everyone with everything they need for a good, normal existence. In the developed connection between us, we will begin to attain the most important thing: the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

I think 2021 will be a transitional year from our past life to our future one. This transition will not be completed in one year, rather, it will take several years. But, at least we will begin to realize what state we should reach in the near future.

We must not make products that are unnecessary. We must not squeeze out all the natural resources from the Earth. We must not needlessly squander money in all directions. It is necessary to invest all available funds in the integral education of people in order to instill in them the desire to get closer and to attain the upper force, the Creator, in the connection between us. Then, we will reach the state of eternity and perfection that awaits us.

In the coming new year, I want people to understand the essence of the development that nature has placed us in and how to help it, from our side, by becoming its active partners. Then, we will very quickly come to a good and happy life. I hope that, in a year, when we see 2021 off, our state will already be much better than it is today.
From KabTV’s “The World” 12/8/20

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