Covering Transgressions With Unified Love

laitman_938_02The soul is our desire to get fulfilled due to the correction and is connected with the desires of other people so that there are no barriers between them anymore.

This common desire is felt by us as one and is called the vessel of the soul. The feeling that we reveal in this common desire is called the Light of the soul or its fulfillment.

But we must sort our desires and fulfillments and always ensure that they are directed only to the mutual bestowal between us and from it to the general mutual bestowal to the Creator.

The vessel of the soul is constructed in such a way that all initial negative qualities remain in it, and the corrections are made above them. That revelation of the transgressions of egoism and their subsequent correction give us a sense of the depth of the connection between us.

We see in our world how in a family and in a friendship various problems arise constantly because we are egoists. And until our egoism is corrected by going through quarrels and conflicts and then correction, and more conflicts and more corrections, we can’t be sure that we are connected with each other.

Therefore, the gradual revelation of all the problems is necessary in order for us to correct ourselves continuously and to connect with each other.

At the same time, those who move forward feel the various problems and contradictions even more, so much so that they can’t cope with them. In this way the general system, the general soul, teaches them how to find the correct connection between each other and where they actually are.

And so on, until the very end! Only once all the transgressions are revealed and a unifed love is revealed above them, a person can be sure that he really is righteous. It is impossible to come to this state if he hasn’t revealed wicked in him.

The Creator reveals this in him; after all, there is nothing new, everything comes from the source of our souls. All the “crimes” are inside a person, and he is obliged to reveal this. The revelation happens in stages, not immediately, according to the qualities, abilities and relationship with the world that he is given. Here he must be in connection with the Creator, in gratitude to Him, and must cover everything with love.

A person is not given what he can’t handle. Evil is revealed only once the Creator gives a person certain internal and external circumstances so he can rise above the evil, overcome it, and cover it with love.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/6/16

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