From “I” To “We”

557Question: Experts from the University of California found that the main indicator of a good and happy relationship is when the couple uses “we” in a conversation.

The use of the word “we” is an indication of closer relations between people, that they are not bound to their egoism in their relationship, and that they intend to develop fruitful cooperation between them.

Humanity has been constantly living in “I,I,I,” and continues to live this way. Have we reached a dead end by this way of speaking?

Answer: No, the usage of “I” is not a dead end because it is my essence. This is what I stand on, where I am moving, what I want to do to improve this world, and this is the reason that I don’t think that it is a negative way to speak. On the contrary, it depends on what I draw toward and connect to this “I.”

Question: What do I need to attach to the “I?”

Answer: I have an opinion, I have power, I have the capability, I have a good attitude toward others, I want to embody all that, and then the “I” is a positive element.

Question: And what is a negative use of the “I?”

Answer: It is the opposite, of course, when I want to dominate others for the sake of my “I.” It is actually the “I” that needs to be very clear to a person.Who is this “I”?

Question: And how does a person advance from the position of the “I”?

Answer: From the “I” we move toward “we,” but “we” exists only and always as the common denominator of our “I” and not in any other way. When I begin to subdue myself before “we,” but I do it and not someone else who tells me “we” in a familiar way, when I subdue myself and say “we,” which means that I am ready to connect with others, knowing that the outcome will be the one common “I,” this is already a different level.

This is already an ascent above the small “I” to the big “I,” which includes the “we” in it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/4/18

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Shame Is The Neutralizer Of Egoism

284.05Question: In the original sources it is written that the Creator said: “I created an evil inclination.” What is it?

Answer: Egoism. And when we say: “the inclination” and it is evil, then who testifies to it? The man himself, the very bearer of egoism.

Question: What I receive is normal? But the fact that I use others for my own benefit, is this the opposite of the Creator?

Answer: It all depends on how you yourself assess it. This shows shame in relation to the Creator.

Question: It turns out that shame does not arise in still, vegetative, and animate nature. Does it manifest itself only in a human?

Answer: Only in a human, and even then not in everyone. Nature gradually develops us until we begin to feel it. Shame is the keenest feeling. It literally short-circuits a person to the Creator.

After a person has felt shame, true prayer can appear in him so that the Creator will correct his nature. After all, a person can endure everything except shame.

Therefore, the Creator leads everyone so that they are ashamed all the time, a little bit of this, of this, of that. And if He wants to seriously move a person forward, He gives the person such a feeling of shame that he is just ready to die.

Question: Can we say that nature, the Creator, moves us through life through shame?

Answer: Yes. Theoretically, you can take any person, delve in him a little and understand how you can impose such a feeling of trepidation on him from which he would even commit suicide. After all, shame nullifies egoism, and therefore he has nothing to live for. Therefore, there is only one way out: to destroy egoism, which means to kill oneself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/28/21

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic of “Love Covers All Transgressions”

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Lesson on the Topic of “Tu Bishvat (15th of Shevat)

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