Shame Is The Strongest Feeling

Laitman_002Question: Shame is the strongest and most hated feeling for a person. People are ready to commit suicide in order not to feel public shame. What is the root of this painful phenomenon?

Answer: Oppositeness to the Creator. The first shame and the first restriction came from the fact that the desire to enjoy felt like receiving, which is the opposite of bestowal, the Creator.

This is how shame appeared, the so-called feeling of being opposite. Hence, we see that shame is the most powerful feeling that can control any other desire.

Question: It is unclear how this is related to the Creator. A person can be ashamed because he disgraced his name or his kind.

Answer: Shame humiliates and completely erases him and annuls his “I.”

The Creator is unique, eternal, and perfect. A person who feels shame feels imperfect, finite, and non-existent. Shame not only erases everything in him, but also drives him into total humiliation in front of other people. It is a defeat of our ego, which is worse than death.

You don’t even need to kill a man. It is enough to put him in a cage and make him feel humiliated in the eyes of others, unable to justify himself. This is the worst thing. He would prefer death just to get rid of this feeling.

This is a real suffering that is prepared for us so that we will come out of our egoism and achieve everything.

Question: Have you seen such people who are embarrassed that they are not eternal, that they are not like the Creator?

Answer: The fact is that a person always justifies himself. Any murderer, any thief, justifies himself in advance. And if someone could not justify himself, he would feel tremendous shame.

Question: Do we need to create a society that would knowingly instill a feeling of shame in a person so that he does not do something unseemly?

Answer: A person needs shame before the Creator. To achieve this is a great way of correction. If you feel that you are not like Him, this will completely correct you.

Question: So, He made me like that. What should I be ashamed of?

Answer: This is a good excuse, but it won’t work. Only the feeling that arises in you works. You cannot do anything.

We are not ashamed of the Creator because we do not feel Him. He is hiding just to help us. If we felt opposite to Him, we simply could not exist.

Question: Does shame before friends help us move closer to shame before the Creator?

Answer: Yes, if we begin to build ourselves in relation to our friends in such a way so as to become an example for them, then any opposite state will be felt as suffering and will help us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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