Settling An Account With The Creator

laitman_628_2Question: Shame is the strongest and most hated feeling that a person experiences. People are willing to commit suicide in order to not feel public shame. Why is shame revealed in such an unhealthy form?

Answer: It is because this is a direct defeat to our ego; there is no greater injury to narcissism than such actions.

In the past, they used to duel, kill, and be killed, knowing that they might die, but they could not overcome the defeat of egoism. This was indeed a great folly, but a person could not act otherwise.

Question: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah suggest in a case like this?

Answer: Only the return to our source, that there is none else beside the Creator who arouses all of this within us. We need to be involved with Him only.

It is up to us to settle our accounts with the Creator because only He arranges everything for us. What does a person do? He is a puppet, a marionette on a theater stage. If through this puppet we constantly begin to “grasp” the Creator, then we will inevitably discover Him!

Comment: But in this case a person is dealing with society….

Answer: There is no society if we are talking from a scientific perspective. So all of this is necessary to discover what is happening behind the scenes in our world.

We focus on the people themselves instead of the disclosure of the only force acting in the entire universe, the Creator!

In any case, no matter what; we have only one rule of behavior: to see the Creator behind them.

Question: But must I make a connection with people to see the Creator behind them?

Answer: You create a connection with them to discover the Creator behind them.

He activates them like puppets on a string, and someone who doesn’t want to be a puppet relates to them as puppets on a string in order to discover the Creator.

In this manner, we become like Him and acquire our independence and identity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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