Social Media As A Business Model

958Question: The main task of social networks is to glue a person to a TV or computer screen in order to sell something to him, although they were originally built to improve communication between people.

Do you think it is possible to change such a virtual environment? In whose hands should the power over people be? What should they watch? What should they read? What should they sell? After all, everything is determined for you.

Answer: Naturally, everything is determined for me. Nobody asks me. In short, a special body should be created that we can trust and that will manage our education and upbringing. Only this body can declare, expand, reduce, change, and dictate what we should watch and listen to.

Question: And if it is in the hands of governments or private people, then nothing will work?

Answer: Governments do not exist as such. They are managed by all kinds of financial and political tycoons. If it should be in somebody’s hands, then certainly not in the hands of governments.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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