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One should be careful that the desire to receive is corrected by the intention to bestow so that the pleasure and joy revealed in the desire to receive would be with the intention of giving pleasure to the Creator by the fact that one is experiencing pleasure.

The Creator’s goal is to give His creations pleasure. Therefore, one must consider the fact that by experiencing pleasure he will give pleasure to the Creator. Thus, he strives to be in the power of the Creator, to be able to enjoy with the Creator, which will bring Him contentment.

By changing our desire, we change the feelings. I should feel joy at having received a feeling from the Creator, no matter which, even the worst. With the help of the group, I can rise above it and begin to change my attitude to what is happening. “My sons have defeated Me.”

The Creator always gives me certain desires; each moment is a new world, a new state. Every second I strive to become closer to the Creator, more giving, more connected to my friends and through them to the Creator, where we turn into one man wanting to adhere to the Creator.

A person able to control his desire partially or completely is a Kabbalist. He receives a desire from the Creator and asks for the power to change this desire. He can always change the world in which he lives, the reality, from the very bottom of the spiritual ladder to the top.

By working together on our nature we accumulate efforts between us and try to adhere to each other. Everyone wants to adapt themselves to others, treat each other with love, so we build a mini-system of the Creator between us, a system of devoted connections and later of love.

The connection begins with unfounded hatred. From there one must come to brotherly love, as one person with one heart. We must assemble the system of the common soul and achieve full interconnection where everyone seeks only to fulfill others. This is how the common soul works.

We need to learn not to depend on emotions but to follow reason, that is, to engage in the science of Kabbalah, the science of connection. As various feelings arise in us from plus to minus, the main thing is to try to advance above all these emotions to complete unity called love.

Our task is to be between the plus and the minus, between the egoistic nature made by the Creator (the evil inclination, corrupt beginning) and the upper light that we attract by our efforts (good beginning). We exist between the evil and the good beginnings, and do our work.

The difficulty of caring not for myself but only for the Creator is in feeling that I leave the whole world, but in return do not feel the Creator. If I were to feel the Creator, I would be ready to leave everything to connect with Him. Therefore, the main thing is to achieve the feeling that the Creator fills the whole world.

The revelation of the Creator manifests itself from His alternating concealments and revelations in order to discover that there is no other authority besides Him. There is no space free from Him. I am a black dot from which this can be revealed. This state is called adhesion, the goal of development.
From Twitter, 12/1/20

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