My Thoughts On Twitter 12/10/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Creator performs the breakage on His own—and we ask Him for connection. In all of these actions we feel the Creator, understand what He wants to say through an encoded program. We feel how through the exits and entries of the light, the Creator teaches us how to approach Him, closer and closer.

The most important thing is to always strive for unity, to preserve unity. From above we are being divided, but we unite. Therein lies our reciprocal work with the Creator. He tears us apart—and we connect. He tears us apart again—and we reconnect again. We have to be aware of our connection with the Creator in this work.

A person must exert every effort to try to reveal the Creator, who fills the entire universe. This is possible only through the ten, by disappearing and dissolving in the friends, getting absorbed inside them so much that you’ll feel how the Creator stands behind all the friends, waiting for you to reveal Him.
From Twitter, 12/10/20

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