My Thoughts On Twitter 12/6/20

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Coming closer to the middle line is realizing that I am nothing without the friends, the group. When I come to the lesson preparation, I feel dead, empty, feel nothing, not ready. When I hear the friends speak, awakening one another, I awaken. I am revived by their awakening.

Every person comes to the middle line when he wants to be included in the group, support it, and correctly perceive all of its positive and negative states. Opposites should not create a short circuit or separate from each other, but come closer to build the middle line.

If we are flexible toward the friends: we support and strengthen them, then we feel how the group is formed more correctly through our efforts. Every person who cares about the group, builds himself as the middle line, aims precisely at the Creator and reveals Him inside of himself.

Peace and perfection are the Creator’s prerogative. This is what a person lacks. The Creator created us with the evil inclination and gave us a little goodness so we would look for ways to connect them. When we despair due to the impossibility of reconciling two opposites …
From Twitter, 12/6/20

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