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People want to destroy everything bad and have only good things in their lives. This is the wrong approach. Kabbalah teaches how to combine all the opposites together. One does not suppress the other. With the right combination and integration, they understand that they cannot do without each other and attain perfection.

If every party and every person start building the form of love, which is based on oppositeness to one’s negative, critical sensation of others, when inside there is hatred and outside there is love, then we will see that the whole world is corrected, and we are in the best state

Transgressions help build love. We must cover all discrepancies with love. If we treat each other this way, there won’t be any conflicts, attacks, or animosity between people and parties. We will build together, accounting for our righteousness and others’ errors, and covering all of this with love above.

We have to change our approach, so we don’t determine how exactly it should be, but each one will think that unity must dwell in the heart first of all. It is then realized—it doesn’t matter in what form. I don’t establish any conditions: what matters is to strive for unity.

Only our internal efforts in striving to unite as a whole nation and the whole world can bring peace to the world. Otherwise explosive points and looming war will be present everywhere. There is nothing more important than our efforts to unite the nation. The problem is that every person thinks only he is right.

If I attune myself to a good attitude toward the friends and through them to the Creator, I tune myself like a musical instrument, like guitar strings, striving for complete harmony in their sound. By tuning myself in this way, I sound in harmony with the group  and start to play it like playing one soul.

If the friends enter my heart, then I will see that the Creator stands behind each of them. They appear before me as my corrected qualities, but in my egoism I see them as flawed. If I try to let them straight into my heart, then I will correct myself.

The Creator unites us and makes us perfect. He created the world for us to be His partners: to reveal our differences and the need for the force of bestowal, to ask the Creator to come and fill all the voids, connect the opposites, and let us feel the perfect oneness of all pluses and minuses.

Everyone’s individual inborn qualities are a great asset, and should not be altered or broken. On the contrary, we must protect every person in the world to preserve their natural qualities. We must work together for the Creator to unite us all, to attract the force of bestowal.

Connection is possible only in the measure of rising above egoism. Or it falls apart. We see this in all unions in our world. Therefore, first we rise above our ego and, to this extent, we unite into one whole. Moreover, egoism remains between us but plays a role of connection amplifier.

One sees that his friends are closer to the Creator, while he is not aligned with the Creator, is completely detached from Him. Even if he sometimes receives an awakening for the Creator, he instantly disconnects from the Creator’s oneness. However, it forces him to demand a solution in adhesion with the Creator.

One should always try to cling to the Creator: for all his thoughts to be about the Creator. Even in the worst state he should not leave the Creator’s domain thinking that there’s another power that prevents him from following Creator’s path—for everything comes from the Creator.

There is no other force besides the Creator—this means that neither does man have any power, and one is mistaken in thinking that he did something himself yesterday, i.e., he does not believe that only the Creator controls the world. One should not regret what happened, it was the Creator who disconnected him from Himself.
From Twitter, 12/7/20

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