Destiny Of Your Choice

715Man is the creation and everything else: still, animate, and vegetative nature only appear for man to exist. This is how the Creator depicts reality within man’s desire to receive pleasure. And if we could control our desire to receive pleasure and change it, we would change reality.

We could depict a different reality for ourselves, a different world. Everything can be changed: both yourself and the world in which you live. We have been given the opportunity to do everything according to our choice; the Creator established the creation and passed it on to us.

Therefore, it is necessary to divide reality into two parts. One reality is one I perceive being egoistic as I am. We are born in egoism and cannot do anything about it; this is an animate perception of the world.

But it is possible to change this reality if we can control our desire. In the direction I turn my desire, in such a reality I will see myself existing and myself changed.

Everything is possible to change because of the desire to enjoy, and it is subject to change. A person who is able to control his desire in whole or in part is called a Kabbalist. He receives a desire from the Creator and then asks Him for the power to change this desire. Therefore, he can always change the world in which he lives, reality at all levels: from the very bottom of the spiritual ladder to its top.

By changing our desire to receive pleasure, we move from degree to degree, from state to state, from world to world, from one perception to another, each time becoming closer and closer to the true form, to the Creator, who is at the top of the ladder. That is why we bear the name man, Adam, the one who wants to change and become more and more like the Creator.

We must not agree with the perception of the world that we are receiving now, and we must constantly look for how to change and improve it. The Creator says: “I have created the evil inclination…” and we see the world in our corrupted desire, that is, not giving one hundred percent as the Creator does. And we want to change this desire to make it similar to the higher force, the desire for bestowal, and then we will see our state as more and more close to the Creator.

Every moment of my life must be perceived as a state sent by the Creator and revealed in my egoistic desire. And my task is to try to correct the desire given by the Creator in which I now feel reality: myself, friends, the world, the Creator, in order to see everything at a higher level, in the desire for bestowal, closer to the Creator.

Each time the Creator gives me a certain desire in which I feel reality; every moment is a new world, a new state. Therefore, every second I strive to cling more to the Creator, to become closer, more giving, to connect more with my friends and through them with the Creator to such an extent that we turn into one person and wish to cleave to the Creator.

The Creator appears before me when I include all the friends in my heart. And then I am ready to adhere to Him and achieve the goal set for me.

The beginning of the spiritual level is a state received from the Creator and the awareness that I feel it inside my egoism. I also understand that I must change this state by including the whole ten, which helps me to free myself from me and cleave to my friends. It is said about this that the Creator puts the hand of man on the good fate and says: “Take this for you.” So I join the group and together with it I strive to cleave to the Creator.

This means that I perceive any received state as good, useful for spiritual advancement, and I just need to establish the right attitude toward it.

Every day you need to establish a new form of work, new advancement, and then during the day to try and realize it so that every day is like a new one. The main thing is to recognize each state as given by the Creator to be changed. And change is possible only in my desire to enjoy.

Right now, the Creator forms my desire and gives me a feeling of fulfillment. And I need to change my desire, and then the feeling will change. I must feel joy that I received a sensation from the Creator, no matter what it is, even the worst. But with the help of the group, I can rise above it and begin to change my attitude toward what is happening.

Egoistic desire was given to me from above, and I want to replace it with the desire to bestow, called “My sons defeated Me.” That is, I gave you the will to receive, and you ask Me to give you a desire to bestow instead.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/20, “Joy In All States”

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